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Collection boxes offer a convenient, easy to use and cost effective method of collecting aluminium cans for recycling.

The boxes are manufactured from durable corrugated card and come complete with a water resistant lid.

The standard box is decorated on all four panels with the alu logo. Personalised designs can be accommodated by request.

The collection bag has been specifically designed for use with our collection boxes and provides a clean and simple system for the storage of cans awaiting collection.

The bags are manufactured from tri-extruded polythene film which offers the optimum strength for thickness and represents excellent value for money. The bags also carry the alu logo. Each bag has the capacity to hold approximately five kilos of crushed cans.

Being easy to handle, the system is ideally suited to use in schools, leisure centres, factories, offices and a myriad of other locations.

To receive supplies of either of the above simply complete our order form and return the top two copies. Please allow 28 days for delivery. Should you require any further information of have a requirement for any other related product please contact us.

Kankrusher, the ideal way to maximise the capacity of the alu boxes and bags. This sturdy, easy to fix, wall mounted device compresses aluminium cans with ease.

Use of the kankrusher reduces the risk of part filled cans being placed in the collection bags and boxes.